performances & touring shows

Nashville's longest-running Improv Comedy group is always bringing out the laughs.  The group is powerhouse of professionals in the craft:  Josh Childs, Carolyn German, Frank Rains Jr, Jackie Welch-Schlicher, and Kevin Madill.   Don't miss the next chance to see these 5 folks do the fastest thinking around.... and they make it funny too! 

new works

Theater Craft Inc is always excited about bringing new work to the stage.  And we have a special inclination to bringing one-person shows to life on stage.

Up next: "The Passion of Ethel Rosenberg"  written by Edward Morris.   May 20 & 21, 7:30, Atmalogy, Nashville TN. 615-874-8715

Improv Comedy

"The Curious Picnic" is a play for the young child about exploring the everyday world. Whimisical, fun, and full of learning, this new show is available to your school, pre-school, or theater venue starting in the summer of 2017.