performances & touring shows

Nashville's longest-running Improv Comedy group is always bringing out the laughs.  The group is powerhouse of professionals in the craft:  Josh Childs, Carolyn German, Frank Rains Jr, Jackie Welch-Schlicher, and Kevin Madill.   Don't miss the next chance to see these 5 folks do the fastest thinking around.... and they make it funny too! Check back for our 2018 dates at NJW!

new works

Theater Craft Inc is always excited about bringing new work to the stage.  And we have a special inclination to bringing one-person shows to life on stage.

This show was offered in March and May of 2017.

Improv Comedy

"The Curious Picnic" is a play for the young child about exploring the everyday world. Whimisical, fun, and full of learning, this new show is available to your school, pre-school, or theater venue starting in the summer of 2017. 

up next!

A new holiday tradition that is anything BUT traditional.  "Dahlia's Wrap-o-rama" is a quirk-y evening of song, sketch, improv comedy, and free gift-wrapping.  The show features Carolyn German's charming "Dahlia", a fun-loving, straight-talking 'hon' from Balmer, and a cast that includes German, Brooke Bryant, Kristian Dambrino, and Frank Rains, Jr.  Jeff Lisenby will be at the keyboard (and the accordion!) $15  Reservations : 615-874-8715