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We offer a variety of ready-to-go sessions, of few of which we have listed below.  And we also love to custom craft training content to fit your needs!

You will see that several of our offerings include the wonder-tool "Improv Comedy".  Why?  Because no other approach can quite compare to its ability to engage everyone in creative problem-solving, communication, leadership, and team-building skills.  Add to that Carolyn German's 30+ years of experience with improv, wordsmithing, and communication skills.  Her passion for teaching shows in her ability to bring out the best in all participants.  

workshops & training sessions


Five key things you can do to make your presentations soar!
Did you stumble through that intro you gave at the appreciation dinner? Are you terrified about making that high-stakes pitch? Will everyone fall asleep when you lead the staff meeting? There is no need to confuse, fear, or bore your audience any longer.
Join us to find your Public-Speaking Super-Power.
Even better: You can have all 5! Theater Craft’s Carolyn German will empower you with insights to make your presentation skills soar.
(No worries: You will actually stay on the ground, ready for the next public-speaking gig!)
Find Your Public-Speaking Super-Power!
Improv Comedy for Workplace Skill-building!
Unleash the components required for success in today's competitive market:  mental agility,  keen communication skills,  and a tenacious ability to cooperate..... and do it in the most engaging way possible to have a maximum impact.  IMPROV COMEDY! Under Carolyn German's insightful and experienced guidance, this fast-paced workshop will provide actionable tools to improve creative problem-solving, team-building, and better communication.